CIRG Makhdoom Farm Road, Farah,
Education is the passport to the future
for tomorrow belongs to those
who prepare for it today!

Bharat Public School, Farah or BPS Farah is a CBSE affiliated school for students from Play Group to Class VIII. Its one of the most renowned school in Farah simply because of the quality of education it provides. The school is run by Usha Educational and Welfare Society and is located at CIRG Makhdoom Farm Road, Farah, Mathura 281122. The school is run under the principal Smt. Kavita Raghav and managed by Mr Vivek Raghav. Apart from the bookish knowledge that we impart, at BPS Farah we make sure best manners are inculcated in the students and they grow up to become a better human beings.

Supportive Management

School Management Team is very prompt in looking after the school, students and faculty staff. They ensure that the entire school functions properly.

Caring Teachers

Talented teachers are chosen by the management to ensure they are qualified enough to impart quality education to students.

Quality Education

School is not just about imparting bookish knowledge hence we ensure students have fun alongwith learning. Cultural and sports activities provide just that.


With the sole purpose of educational upliftment in Farah and nearby areas, Bharat Public School was started in 2016. It is an English Medium Senior Secondary, Co-educational School which nurtures the talents of young boys and girls with the blending of text and technology to produce future citizens of harmonious personality. The school is being run with the commitment to make an indelible mark in the field of education by creating a study centre of excellence.

Bharat Public School aims to inspire students and other community members to challenge themselves to become better people, who in turn become inspiring individuals who help to make the world become a better place. Our aim is to inspire individuals, while we hope that our students and other members of the community in return can go out into the world and inspire others. The vision reflects the ethos of the school: our values of the making a positive difference to students by recognizing them all as individuals, and to help make the world as a whole a better place.

The mission of the Bharat Public School is to harness the hidden potential of the young minds by sowing the seeds of intellect and human values. Committed to excellence and innovation the institution focus on the holistic development of young minds by providing intellectual nourishment, emotional stability and strength of character to make them productive creative and talented citizens of the world.


At BPS Farah, Teachers are appointed on the basis of their varied and emotional maturity. They are well trained and most importantly child centered. They are not only child educators but also mentors and facilitators. They are expert in their own areas. Teachers also play a important role in molding students into a better citizen by inculcating good qualities in them. Our teachers work closely with parents and students to ensure they never lose focus.

At Bharat Public School, we provide an occasion for parents to meet the class teacher and the subject teachers to get the first hand report of their ward. These meeting strengthen the bond between collaborative efforts of the parents and the teacher for the development of their ward’s personality. The school has its own website as as well as SMS service to have an update of their child on mobile.


Bharat Public School is a co-educational English Medium institution. Limited number of seats are allotted to boys and girls in each classes. Students are admitted to the any classes after he/she passes the School Entrance Test & follow the below mentioned age criteria.

For query regarding admission you can visit our school or send your question on Alternatively you can also visit contact us page of the website and send your message directly to us.